Luxury Handmade Dining Set for 2021

Handmade, exquisite, luxury dining sets. Our dining sets will give you comfort and provide long-term durability. Italian dining set and French dining sets are of exceptional quality and design. Think modern Baroque style with plenty of luxury. All handmade by skilled craftsmen to the highest standards. Guaranteed to create an amazingly stylish dining room. We have decided to showcase our favourite dining set, available to purchase on our website!

Luxury Handmade Stunning Mahogany Dining Silver Leaf Set

Stunning, luxury handmade stylish design Elegance Chic Dining Set.

Handcrafted in detail with the finest carving.

Lush velvet luxury upholstery with crystal buttons or without.

Silver leaf gilding by hand.

Solid mahogany wood phytosanitary certified, with double kiln-dry prosses.

Thick, deep by hand chair back carving in detail, thick cushioned luxury shiny upholstery providing a sumptuous comfortable dinner.

A stunning set that will take your breath away allowing you to enjoy dinners in style and finesse and experience sparkle celebrations.

A stunning high-end luxury dining set!


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