Office Furniture for Working from Home

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There has been a massive shift to working remotely rather than in office. Despite this being quite common since early 2020, many are still not prepared or simply don’t know what furniture they can add to their office to improve their comfort and style to the room. A bleak and boring environment can affect your productivity and state of mind, this is why we have decided to compile a list of our office furniture recommendations.

Luxury Modern Office Desk, Armchair and Library Bookcase Set

This stunning office set perfectly fits a contemporary study room Luxury Modern Office Setenvironment. The bookcase has a build-in light system to add some style to your room. The desk is in black walnut finish adopting traditional oriental mortise and tenon technique. Lastly, the armchair has a leather modern fine Italian design, very stylish with engineered back support for added comfort.

Modern Baroque Bookcase High Gloss Black White
Baroque Bookcase High Gloss Black White
Modern Baroque handmade bookcase, high gloss paint in black and white. Perfect addition to your office if you require additional place to store your documents and want to add some elegance.

Italian Handmade Cabinet Silver Black
Silver Black Cabinet
Italian Cabinet, handmade from first quality mahogany wood with fine finishing, carving and doors in silver colour with black frame. A beautiful piece from the Isabel series that can be used in an office for any documents as well as in the hallway. Can also be used for other purposes such as in a lounge area for drinks or in the dining area for cutlery, glasses and trays storage.

Handmade Solid Wood Modern Office Chair Gianni
Solid Wood Modern Office Chair
Handmade solid wood modern office chair gianni, microfiber high-grade upholstery, stainless steel and high gloss paint. Due to having to sit in front of a desk for many hours in a row, having a comfortable chair is very much recommended, if not a must.

Italian Handmade Office Armchair Silver Purple/Blue
Office Armchair Silver Purple/Blue
If you would like to add a more high-end chair that will add depth to your office space, this armchair is a good option. Italian first quality mahogany wood handmade office armchair with high-grade velvet upholstery in purple/blue colour. Exquisite Italian chair, in luxurious silver colour delicate finest finishing sculpture and detail carvings providing unique beauty.


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