Customer Feedback – 2020/2021

customer feedback review

Hi all!

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and support 🤗

Due to our hard work and determination to provide the best service possible, we have gotten great feedback from our customers. Currently, our most active social media platform is Facebook, however, we are looking into expanding our online presence by creating a Trustpilot page as well as regularly post on Instagram and Twitter. Pinterest and LinkedIn are of great interest to us as well so we will be increasing our post frequency there soon.

Due to focusing on our Facebook page the most in recent years, all of the reviews are present there. We will be highlighting some reviews which help explain how we operate on a daily basis. If you want to view the reviews on your own, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible furniture. We are very selective in terms of what kind of furniture we offer for purchase.

Our luxury cribs are popular, especially among individuals outside of Europe. We deliver furniture not only to people in the UK, but also worldwide.

Customers are kept updated during production and delivery as soon as updates are available. Our Sales team does a tremendous job answering any type of query regarding furniture and/or the processes involved.

The last review we will be showing is one that will need a bit of explaining. This customer is Spanish and left a very simple and to-the-point review.
“I recommend it very good service and excellent quality !!!!”

To end this blog post, I would like to thank every customer that has given us a chance. We hope you had a positive experience with us. Our goal is to always improve and provide the very best service possible. We hope you enjoyed this read and will tune in to our future posts 😊